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Infinity Nado Toys looks set to be one of the hot toys for 2017 after a huge sell out launch on April 10th at The Entertainer, Bullring in Birmingham.

So what are Infinity Nado?

Well Infinity Nado is based on an animation series which is an action packed theme about Battle, Justice & Friendship.

The story is basically about the arrival of  a gyro-type tower that suddenly arrives from the sky.  Insid the tower are twenty Infinity Nado players.

The Infinity Nado players gather together to form an Infinity Nado town and the story evolves to follow the adventures of four Infinity Nado players:

  • Jin owner of the Wind Elf.
  • Dawn owner of the Fire Elf.
  • Davis owner of the Earth Elf.
  • Cecilia owner of the Water Elf.

With their special and powerful skills and Nados, they formed a “balanced”, “offensive”, “persistent” and “defensive” super-powerful team.

Along the way they also discover the dark and evil plan of the other Infinity Nado players which is to reform the planet Earth and destroy mankind.

For justice and peace, Jin, Dawn, Davis and Cecilia enter the center of the tower to stop its rotation and eventually defeat the wicked Infinity Nado players which is where you step in with the toys.

Infinity Nado ToysInfinity Nado Toys Available to buy at the moment :

  • Infinity Nado Stunt Set

  • Infinity Nado Battle Set

The two playsets, battle and deluxe, consist of one arena, one left and one right spin Nado, two launchers as well as assembly tools.

Each Nado character has its own features and can perform different tricks and stunts. For example, the split series features one Nado that can split into two for a two-pronged attack on opponents.

The Nados all have interchangeable tips, enabling the product to climb, hook, jump and even rope-walk in the deluxe arena.

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