Hot Toys for Christmas 2017

Hot Toys Christmas 2017

Welcome to our round up of the hot toys for Christmas 2017!

This is the ultimate list that showcaes what every boy and girl are going to want under their Christmas tree in 2017.

We’ve broken up our list into 4 different sections with an overall Top Xmas toys list, a top 10 boys toys list, a top 10 girls toys list and a top 10 toys for toddlers list.

 Luvabella Dolls

Luvabella Dolls

What is it: I’m not going to lie these dolls do creep me out a little (i’m not a big fan of life like dolls anyway) but my niece fell head over heels in love with this when we gave her the doll to help us review it and this is where the real magic is – girls really do love Luvabella.

So what makes a Luvabella Doll any more special than the countless other life like dolls that have been on the market over the years?  

Why we like it: Well the answer to this is just how lifelike and real Luvabella’s movements and expressions really are.

The reactions and interactions really will leave you a gasp and when you see a young person playing with this doll you will truely understand where the hype is coming from on this one.

NB: Parents/Grandparnets please be warned that Luvabella is going to be that Xmas toy that is sold out everywhere and if you’re not careful you may find it a stressful Christmas and end up paying way over the RRP on sites like ebay.

Find out where to buy Luvabella Dolls here and get the latest stock availability and compare prices for the best deals.

Airhogs DR1 Official Race Drone

Airhogs DR1 Official Race Drone

What is it: Airhogs DR1 Official Race DWelcome to the first racing toy drone – the Airhogs DR1!

The Airhogs brand has been a range of RC toys that parents really trust thanks to the quality and innovation of what they create and with the new 2017 DR1 racing Drone they have done it again and earned their place on our top 10 toys for Christmas 2017 list!

Why we like it: This toy is all about the future as you are in the cockpit of this cool drone with FPV (First Person View) which basically means that you need a smart phone and download the app then fit your smartphone into the supplied headset to get the most authentic drone flying experience ever!

This really is a fantastic toy, it’s not cheap but you really are paying for something extra special and you can guarantee that Christmas Day won’t be spent indoors!

Key Facts:

  • Suitable for ages 12+
  • Batteries required: 2 x AAA (not included) .
  • RRP: £99.99

This toy is suitable for 12 years and up and if you would like to know more then check out our Air Hogs DR1 Race Drone review and price comparison and stock availability table where you can find out where to buy the Airhogs DR1 and where to find the cheapest prices.

Fisher Price ‘Teach n Tag Movi’

Fisher Price Teach n Tag Movi

What is it: This is one for the toddlers, introducing Fisher Price’s big toy for Christmas 2017 the Fisher price Teach N Tag Movi.

So what is this amazing new toy I hear you ask, well the Teach N Tag Movi is a fantasticly awesome robot who is amazing at interacting and engaging with toddlers whilst helping them to develop all the most important life skills such as critical thinking, movement and taking direction.

Why we like it: It comes with 3 game modes and a total of six games to choose from​ which really is more than enough, we found our little one really enjoyed 2 of the games more and has spent most of his time to date just playing or interacting with those games.

I have to admit that Fisher Price might have a real winner on their hands here as the Teach n Tag Movi really does get your toddlers to interact and they will have so much fun showing off their listening skills and hyper dance moves.

 Key Facts:

  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • Batteries required: 4 x C (included) plus 
  • RRP £49.99

Ben 10 Rust Bucket Play set

Ben 10 Rust Bucket Play set


What is it: Ben 10 is back on our screens and a whole new toy range has just been released for 2017, the highlight being the amazing Ben 10 Rust Bucket play set.

This is the main vehicle that Max travels in on very episode of the new Ben 10 cartoon series.

Why we like it: What I love about this toy vehicle is that they have cleverly found a way to open up the vehicle to see the inside and also turn it into a 3 level playset that is around 2 feet tall!

  • This playset is big and it comes packed full of great features including:
  • 2-sided computer screen and alien exam table
  • Projectile shooting launcher
  • Telescoping radar dish
  • Flip out panels
  • Control chair and Rotating cannon chair
  • Launches plasma blasts

Another fantastic feature which our boys loved playing with was the transformation chamber that can turn Ben into one of the aliens.

NB: One thing to note for parents is that this Ben 10 playset doesn’t come with any figures and these will have to be purchased separately.

That is probably the only slight negative about this playset, but to be honest if you have a little Ben 10 fan at home then there isn’t another present which could compete with this one!

Lego Boost

Lego Boost

What is it: Lego is the one toy that has remained the same since my childhood (nearly 30 years ago) and at the same time has pushed the envelope of innovation and with the new Lego Boost set they have done it again by combining the traditional Lego build with programmable coding and has aimed this at the younger market.

Why we like it: I love this so much, i’ve always been a fan of the Lego Mindstorms robots and Lego have really built on the success of this and have really catered for the younger market.

Kids are going to have a fantastic time just building the simple robot designs and then tackling the coding which is done through the app on a smartphone or tablet device and again this is really easy and straightforward to use.

This really is a fantastic toy and will make a perfect Christmas gift, it is expensive but you get over 847 pieces to enjoy for what feels like limitless creativity – this is one present that you won’t get bored playing with by the new year!

Key Facts:

  • Suitable for ages 7+
  • RRP £149.99

To find out more about the new 2017 Lego Boost set see our review and where you can compare prices for the cheapest deals visit the Lego Boost page here.

PJ Masks Headquarters Playset

PJ Masks Headquarters Playset

Continuing our list of the hot Christmas toys for 2017 we come to PJ Masks toys.

Yes this is a BIG playset and is spread over 3 levels and is fully interactive with light and sound effects from the PJ Masks show.

You also get a Catboy figure and vehicle with this playset and the other figures are available to buy separately. Check out our PJ Masks Toys page for all the latest toys.

Parents just to let you know this toy does need batteries (x3 AAA) that are not included.

To find out more information and our full review of the PJ Masks Headquarters playset including where you can get the cheapest prices and stock availability check out our PJ Masks Headquaters playset page here.


Nerf Nitro Motofury Rapid Rally


Nerf Nitro Motofury

What is it: Nerf has been one of the most popular toy brands over the last 10 years and for 2017 Hasbro and Nerf have again innovated and come up with a real winner is the shape of the Nerf Nitro Motofury Rapid Rally.

When you think of the Nerf range of toys you straight away think of the Nerf guns and foam projectiles but this is where the Nerf Motofury has moved on and now they are firing supercars at rapid speeds.


Why we like it: This Nerf set allows you to create epic stunts and design different types of jumps and stunts as you launch foam cars with the Nerf Nitro MotoFury Rapid Rally.

There are different types of ramps to utilise and it comes with 12 obstacles to test your skills against.

Kids (and parents) are really going to love this as these foam cars really do fly through the air depending on which ramp you use.

The cars are made of soft, durable foam and flexible plastic wheels, so your children can perform daring stunts and maneuvers inside without damaging the walls or the furniture.ruining the house.

Suitable for ages 5+ this will make a fantastic fun toy which will get played with again and again. There are also additional sets which can be purchased separately.

Enchantimals Panda Playhouse Playset

Enchantimals Panda Playhouse Playset

Enchantimals are brand new for 2017 and already causing a big deal in the girls toy market.

The Enchantimals Panda Playhouse Playset and is the main star toy in this new range and is a really well designed playset which is why we’ve included it in the list.

If your children are into Enchantimals then this playset is going to be the ideal Christmas gift and with a price point of under £30 it’s also great value for money.

We love this three-story well designed and colourful playhouse and it even comes with an exclusive figure the Panda Doll and her Panda friend.


Thomas & Friends: Thomas Minis Super Station playset


Thomas & Friends: Thomas Minis Super Station playset

What is it: Why has the Thomas Super Station made our list? Because it’s EPIC!

Why we like it: Wow this is a massive toy and Mattel have done an amazing job with this one. You get over 35 feet (10 meters) of track.

It covers all the main areas of Sodor like Tidmouth Sheds and Brendam Docks and it comes with 4 toy trains.

In fact this amazing playset can hold well over 100 trains!

We love the fact that this playset can be built into different setups and it really does keep the imagaination and fun play going hour after hour!

This is one Christmas present that really will have the WOW factor on Christmas Day – even if it will take the rest of Christmas Day to set it up!

Visit Thomas and Friends Super Station page to see our review and find the cheapest prices and stock availability for this fantastic Thomas toy.

Sphero R2-D2

Sphero R2-D2Ok i’ll admit it this is my most wanted toy for this Christmas!

Yes it’s expensive but if you have a Star Wars fan in your house then this really is one of the best Christmas presents you could buy them!

What is it: This is the latest gadget/toy from Spheros the same guys that made the amazing BB-8 toy a couple of years ago that everyone feel in love with, well now they are back and have created one of the best R2-D2 toys ever!

Why we like it: Why should you buy this?  Well you are getting the best version of the most iconic robot on the planet that will just take over your life and please don’t think your carpet will get in the way as this little beauty just glides straight over it without any issues.

Honestly the movement and sound of this little R2 will make you feel like you’ve got the real one in your home.  As with all these types of gadgets you need a smart phone and get the app to control it, but even the controls are really easy to use adding to the overall playing experience.

But one of the best features has to be the experience of watching the Star Wars movies with this R2-D2 he actually engages with the film!  (At the moment it is just The Force Awakens, but they are working on bringing the rest of the Star Wars films in the near future).

Yes it is expensive, but in my humble Star Wars geeky opinion it’ worth every penny!

Imaginext DC Super Friends Batbot Xtreme

Imaginext DC Super Friends Batbot Xtreme

If you have a little Batman fan in the house then this 2ft monster toy is going to be all you need this Christmas!


What is it: This is basically a giant (over 2ft tall) Batman Robot who is jam packed full of amazing features from punching fists to rocket launchers that really fire!  It also comes with a Batman figure, Batcycle, & 10 projectiles.

Why we like it: This has everything that a Batman fan could want in a toy!  If nothing else this Batbot toy has the WOW factor in that it really does stand out – being over 2 feet tall does of course help!

It is really well made as you would expect coming from the Fisher Price Imaginext DC Super Friends range of toys and it’s just so packed with great features and playability that your little ones won’t be bored come Boxing Day.

The main feature of this toy is being the robot that can shoot missiles and smash fists and then it also doubles up as a playset with a lift included which can take the Batman figure.

Find out more here about the new Imaginext DC Super Friends Batbot Xtreme and get the cheapest deals and offers.