Fidget Spinners Guide

What are Fidget Spinners?

Fidget Spinners are the latest hot craze sweeping play grounds not just up and down the country but around the world and some schools are even banning them.

Some of the names they go by include:

  • Fidget Spinners
  • Tri-Spinners
  • Hand Spinners
  • Finger Spinz

Originally designed for play, these toys gained a lot of press as a toy that can help kids with ADHD and anxiety, while also helping to reduce stress.

The spinner toy has a stable middle section and then the disc section that usually has two or three paddles or wings that can be spun. The result is supposed to be relaxing and satisfying which is why they were initially seen and used as a toy for ADHD and anxiety – really good spinners can keep it going for minutes at a time.

Because of the low prices and cool designs these have taken off with kids everywhere and are one of the hottest toys on the market today and is number 1 on amazon’s toy bestseller list.

There are a number of official versions

Where to buy Fidget Spinners?

One of the things you’ll notice straight away is the sheer amount of different spinners available on the market, some spinners are made of smooth silicone, others aluminum, and other plastic ones are adorned with emojis and tie dye, there is even a range of light-up LED versions.

Which online stockists sell these toys –

  1. – amazon have got a large range of different types of Fidget Spinners thanks to it’s seller market place.  A word of warning when buying here is that some sellers are sselling cheap imports straight from China – so make sure you read the customer reviews and the product listing description and if you have any issues contact amazon customer service who are great at sorting out any issues.    Take a look below at the top sellers on amazon or click here to view the full range.
  2. – You just knew that ebay would be on the list and of course they have an amazing range of different variants and models available to buy at some amazing prices.  Again just like amazon a slight word of warning when it comes to choosing which spinner your going to buy as you will find a lot of knock offs here.  Take a look at our pick of the best deals below or click here to view the full range.
  3. The Entertainer ( – The Entertainer have their own range called Finger Spinz and these are fantastic, they come in a number of different variations and colours and each one comes with a digi spin finger sock which helps you to do more tricks.  With the and again you can be sure of getting Finger Spinz range from The Entertainer you can be sure of a quality product that reaches all safety standards.  View the full range of Finger Spinz toys here.
  4. Toys R Us – Toys R Us are stocking a standard Finger Spinner range at around a £2.99 price point and again you can be sure of getting an official product that meets all the quality and safety standards.  Click here to view the full range at Toys R Us


GongFu Star Fidget Spinner is one of the best selling spinn spinners and GongFu was one of the original creators of the Fidget Spinner.

The Entertainer ( has just started to stock the Finger Spinz range of spinners which are a great brand and a real quality product.

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‘Must have’ fidget spinner toy craze puts teachers in a whirl: Schools across the UK ban devices for distracting pupils in class

Last update was on: January 18, 2020 8:06 am

Beware of Cheap Fake Fidget Spinners

It may seem a real bargain but some of the Fidget Spinners on the market are just cheap rubbish shipped direct from China and end up breaking or not working well in the first place.

More of a concern is the actual quality of the materials used to make the spinner and there have been some reports of toxic chemicals found in the paint and others being shipped with rusty bearings, while already features numerous customer comments about cheap items breaking after a few cursory spins.

These spinners are cheap enough already and because it’s your own children who will be playing with them our recommendation would be to buy the official product.

The good news is that a number of higher quality spinners are coming to the market in May and June like Spinzipz which is being marketed as a pro spinner and comes complete with LED lights.

If you are unsure about which spinners are the real deal then read our guide below where we highlight the real quality controlled fidget spinners.

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