Best water tables for kids 2017

Kids Water Tables 2017

What are the best Water Tables for kids?

With the heat of the summer fast approaching there is no better outdoor toy for your garden than a kids water table.

Just wait until you see your children’s faces when they get to play with a water table it really is priceless!

Water tables are not only great for keeping the kids cool and entertained they can also be used as a great vehicle in order to help young children get used to water.

Those tiny splashes all build up in the psychology of a child and when confronted by a swimming pool or the sea the splash of the water isn’t as frightening.

Why are water tables a good toy to buy?

  • Water is a great sensory element (warm, cold, ice) with so much potential to play.
  • Because of the height of most water tables they are perfect to help build confidence with standing, splashing and cruising.
  • Great introduction to fine motor skills thanks to all the additional features.
  • When winter starts to roll in you can clean up your water table and bring it inside the house if you have the room and fill it with sand or other possibilities.

Most kids water tables today come chock-a-block full of great features and additions which will keep your toddlers or kids entertained for hours and a lot cooler.

Luckily for parents there are a fantastic range of 2017 outdoor water toys and tables which will last you all summer.

So you’ve decided that you are going to buy a kids water table and now the next problem is trying to choose the right one for you and where you can get it for the best deal!

Well have no fear because we have done all the hard work for you and have complied a list of the 10 best water tables for sale in 2017.

Hopefully you will find our list helpful in making your choice and please let us know in the comments section below any advise you may have for other parents and if you have any suggestions that could make our list.


Little Tikes Fountain Factory Water Table

Little Tikes Fountain Factory Water Table

Why they’ll love it: It’s big, colourful and has loads of interactive activities to do with the water.  It’s a perfect height for toddlers and holds just the right amount of water to have a splashing good time!

Why we choose it: Brand new for 2017 this is the ‘mother’ of all water tables – with a name like the Fountain Factory water table you just knew this would be something a little bit special and Little Tikes haven’t disappointed with interchangeable pipes and fittings this goes to make learning fun and hands-on.  The water can be channeled through the pipes and into one of the 3 different water fountains.

It really is a great way for STEM learning while having masses of watery fun!

I really couldn’t recommend this anymore as it’s big and solid and can easily take 4 children around it playing vigorously.   If your looking for the best water tables for kids this summer then you cannot go wrong with the Little Tikes Fountain Factory to keep your little ones cool and entertained all summer long!

Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Water Table

Little Tikes Spiralin' Seas Water Table


Why he’ll love it: Another fantastic water table from Little Tikes with the main feature being a large spiral in the center of the table which kids can drop balls down – there are so many neat features with this one to keep them entertained all summer long.

Why we choose it:  This one is a Toys R Us Exclusive and unlike other other water tables this one is made around the main spiral cone in the center that you can whiz balls around before dropping into the water.

We found this really easy to put together and was really solid a you would expect from a brand like Little Tikes.

The main feature which is the tower and throwing the balls in works amazingly well and really does keep kids entertained.

To find out more and buy the Little Tikes Spiralin Seas Water Table click here.

Smoby Aquaplay Lock Box

Smoby Aquaplay water tableWhy they’ll love it: It’s big and colourful and comes with boats, cars and craines – did I mention it has a water pump too!

Why we loved it: As mentioned this is big and bright and a slightly different take on the normal water tables as this one folds up into a carry case for ease of use and storage.

Are kids really loved this and played with it most days, we found it easy to set up and it was fairly easy to fold back up once you got used to it.  It was a bit flimsy and you may find clicping it together a bit of a challenge to start with, but trust us when we say that with a bit of patience and practice this all sorts itself out.

Just wait until you see what you get for your money:

  • 9 Canal Pieces, 2 Sailor Figures, 1 Crane with 2 Buckets, 3 Locks, 1 Water Wheel
  • 2 Water Gates, 1 Bridge, 2 Ramps, 1 Water Pump,
  • 9 Fasteners, 1 Car, 2 Boats, 1 loading dock

There really is so many great features and so much for your kids to do with this water toy that it will last you all summer long – you can also buy additional aquaplay boats to keep the play going on

Parent Warning: This isn’t suitable for children under 3 years – the water pump can be a bit tricky to use and may need adult supervision for the first few times until they get used to it.

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Step2 Spill and Splash Seaway Water Table

Step2 Spill and Splash Seaway Water Table

Why they’ll love it: This is one for the little ones and they will love the features including the waterfall.

Why we choose it:  This is perfect for toddlers!

Easy to put together (took me around 20 mins) , it’s nice and sturdy so won’t move around has your little ones use it for walking practice and it comes with the extra cool feature of an umbrella which is a really great touch and you can tell that Step2 have really thought about their target market and it also comes with a 3 years guarantee!

Another great feature of this water table is that because they are 2 separate compartments you could use one compartment for sand for example.

The only slight downside to mention is that it doesn’t have a drain so getting rid of the water can be fun and games!


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Little Tikes Fish ‘n’ Splash Water Table

Little Tikes Fish 'n' Splash Water Table

Why they’ll love it: It’s got a really cool fishing rod and they will spend hours using it to catch crabs and fish.

Why we choose it: It’s simple and easy to put together and comes full of great features.  Once set up you have a fishing pole and net and six different creatures to catch including fish, crabs, a frog and a turtle.  Once your kids have caught the fish you can put them in the fishbowl and unleash them down the water slide!

There is also a giant Lilly pad in the center of the table which spins around as you try to get your fish and frog to land on it.

Main Features:

  • No tools required for easy assembly!
  • Water table has fishing and counting play
  • Water table helps toddlers with fine motor skills
  • Kids can fill the fish bowl with water and watch it come splashing down
  • Holds 7 gallons of water (not included)
  • Includes fishing pole, 5 floating critters, water cup and fishing net

We loved this because it’s both simple to use and also filled with some really imaginative accessories.  As you would expect from Little Tikes this water table is really well made and we didn’t find any leak issues as the plug was really secure.

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