Best outdoor toys for toddlers 2017

Best outdoor toys for toddlers 2017

What are the best outdoor toys for toddlers?

As spring turns into Summer it’s time to start thinking about those long hot summers and how you can entertain your toddlers in the back garden this summer!

From children’s swings and paddling pools to kids trampolines and water tables we bring you the very best guide to the best outdoor toys for toddlers.

Hopefully we have got something to suit everyone and if your looking for a particular outdoor toy then make sure you check out our additional guides to paddling pools, trampolines, water tables tables, tents, swings and slides and general outdoor toys.


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TP Early Fun Play Centre

TP Early Fun Play CentreWhy they’ll love it: Swing, slide and activity sandpit – what more could they ask for!

Why we choose it: TP Toys is one of the most successful and long established outdoor toy brands on the market and have specialized in outdoor children’s toys for over 50 years thanks to their range of high quality products – they really are one of the best outdoor toys suppliers for children and toddlers.

We also love the fact that TP Toys offer an average 10 year guarantee on their products so that you know your investing in a quality outdoor toy.

The TP Early Fun Play Centre is brand new for 2017 and is the perfect outdoor toy for children as young as 6 months and is great for helping them to get active and exploring safely.

The Fun Play Centre comes complete with a foldaway baby swing seat, slide and sandpit and is really well built and designed!  This really is a winner!

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Little Tikes Fountain Factory Water Table

Little Tikes Fountain Factory Water TableWhy they’ll love it: It’s big, colourful and has loads of interactive activities to do with the water.  It’s a perfect height for toddlers and holds just the right amount of water to have a splashing good time!

Why we choose it: The Tomy Hide n Squeak Eggs have interactivea bit of a modern classic and with good reason, inwit our house they have been a really solid toy investment which always seems to get played with in some form or other.  Each egg has a slightly different shaped base and this is an extra nice feature for your little one as they progress over the months and start to learn which egg goes in which cup holder.

This really is the most simple of toys and at first glance you may think it’s not much of a toy but believe me it really is a winner and there is a good reason it’s always in the top bestsellers list for baby and toddler toys.

The only slight negative is that the squeak of the chicks being pushed down isn’t the loudest in the world – at the same time that actually might also be a big plus point!

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Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship

little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate ShipWhy they’ll love it: It’s a pirate ship water table what more do we have to say!  Filled with fun activities and a big canon to shoot water from, kids are really going to love this fantastic outdoor toy and it’s perfect for a sunny day.

Why we choose it:  As mentioned it’s a big cool looking pirate ship that really is a perfect outdoor toy for kids.  One of the first things we want to mention is that you may have seen reviews saying this is tricky to put together – well if you read the instructions and there are only around 20 points, it will take you no more than 20 mins to put together and it really is simple to do.

The table is a good weight so that it won’t easily topple over when your little one leans on it or try’s to take it for a walk.  Kids will love the water cannon and it really shoots far although the smallest children may need help with firing the cannon.

The only slight issue to be made aware of is that the tube for the cannon is a little too short and if you don’t have enough water in the table it won’t work very well, but this is just a small issue which can get sorted by just keeping the water full.


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Palace Castle Children kids Play Tent

Prince and Princess Palace Play TentWhy they’ll love it: Kids love playing in tents and they will have so much fun and adventures in this perfect stars and moon inspired tent.

Why we choose it: This tent really is a great buy and perfect for not just outside play but setting it up indoors too!

There are loads of children’s tents on the market but why this one stood out for us compared to many others was first the price point coming in at under £15 and then the actual quality and size of the tent.

That’s right this tent is a really good size for the price and will give your children plenty of room to play in – it is also really quick and easy to put up and then transport around from indoors to outside as needed.

The tent comes with a handy bag that it can be easily packed down into for transportation and is advertised as suitable for children over 3 years old.

The tent has the following dimensions 105*105*135cm and comes in both blue and pink.

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Little Tikes Princess Horse And Carriage

Little Tikes Princess Horse and CarriageWhy she’ll love it: It’s a princess horse and carriage of course they are going to love it – hell most parents I know have fallen in love with it just from seeing the photos of the product.

Why we choose it:  Step aside Jordan – New for 2017 from Little Tikes the Princess horse and carriage is going to become an instant classic as your little one gets to create the ultimate fantasy role-play experience as a real princess!

There are 2 main modes of play with the horse and carriage, the first is where the foot boards are in place so your little one and keep their feet up and be pulled along using the main handle, then you can remove the foot boards and twist the handle around to become the horses rains and your little one can scoot around.


We love the additional features of this magical outdoor toy like the fact that there is a sippy cup holder so you can take your drink with you and even a place for a magic wand, there is also extra storage in the back which can fit the odd cuddly toy or two!


The Little Tikes Princess Horse and Carriage is suitable for 1 1/2 – 5 Year olds.

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Little Tikes Classic Cozy Coupe Ride-on

Little Tikes Classic Cozy Coupe Ride-on

Why he’ll love it: It’s a big red car that he and can sit in and move around in – enough said!

Why we choose it:  Another classic toy and more suited to a 18 month old, it still is one of the best ride-on toys available on the market today!  The Little Tikes Ride-on has been around for almost 30 years now and is still going strong and making the toys bestseller list in many of the top online toy retailers chats – from the happy smiley face on the front of the car to the feeling of a solid enclosed toy that gives the young passenger an inner confidence both parents and kids will love this ride!

Parent Warning:  The only slight negative is that it can be a bit of a pain to put together and it’s not a 5 min job – but with a bit of patience and taking your time it shouldn’t cause too many issues.

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Giant Gazillion Incredibubble Wand

giant gazillion incredibubble wand


Why he’ll love it: It’s giant bubbles and all toddlers and kids love giant bubbles!

Why we choose it:  Seriously this toy can get you out of all sorts of parental trouble when you just cannot think of how to entertain the kids this summer, there isn’t much more to say about this product except that it creates massive big bubbles really easily and kids go wild for it!

Basically you get the bubble wand which is battery operated, a tray and the special  magical bubble solution and away you go, just poor some of the solution into the tray, swish the wand in and then just press the button on the wand for the magic to happen – it really is that simple.

Parent tip:  I would advise to buy the proper Gazillion bubble solution when it comes to topping up as this stuff really is fantastic and makes the biggest bubbles, we tried poring in some normal bubble mixture and the results were not impressive.

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Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox

Little Tikes Turtle SandboxWhy they’ll love it: Kids really love this turtle sandbox and it’s become a bit of a classic in the Little Tikes range of outdoor toys.

Why we choose it:   Because this is one of the best plasic moulded sandboxes on the market.

Toddlers love the look of the turtle and his warm smile and it’s full of great little features, like some of the detailing that you’ll find on the base of the sandbox which the children can have fun uncovering.

Another great feature is that the turtles shell doubles up as the lid and fixes on nicely in order to keep your sandbox clean and tidy when not in use.

This Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox is the perfect garden toy to provide hours of summer play for years to come.

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Paw Patrol Chase Police Cruiser 6V


Paw Patrol Chase Police Cruiser V6Why they’ll love it: It’s the Paw Patrol Chase Cruiser and looks amazing!

Why we choose it:   This authentic Chase’s cruiser ride on is the perfect vehicle for Paw Patrol fans!

What we love about this ride-on is that it feels solid and has nice chunky wheels that give it a confident feel and something that your toddler will appreciate as they get used to driving around in it.

The Chase Cruiser also comes with a host of really cool features including flashing lights and siren sounds!  The Paw Patrol V6 ride on can go both forwards and back and has flashing lights and a cool sounding siren.

The average play before charging lasts around 1 hour which isn’t bad for a car of this size and is recommended for ages 3+.

Build Dimensions – L88cm x W39cm x H52cm.

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Why they’ll love it: Scuttlebugs are the perfect beginner ride-on for your toddler to grow his confidence and really have a lot of fun!

Why we choose it:   They are fun, colourful, practical and a fantastic price point for the quality of what you are getting!

ScuttleBugs are unique in that they have the 3 wheels for that added stability that toddlers sometimes need and this makes a Scuttlebug perfect for toddlers aged 1 year and over.

There is also a 4 wheeled version that is now available called the Scramblebug which also looks fantastic and is so easy to ride.

These innovative toddler trikes are designed with convenience in mind being quick to fold making them portable, easy to store and practical for the modern family.

  • Lightweight, compact and easy to fold
  • Develops balance and steering skills
  • Quiet, smooth and easy to ride
  • No assembly required
  • Suitable from 1 year

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Galt Nursery Trampoline


Galt Nursery Trampoline

Why they’ll love it: Toddlers love to bounce and the nursery trampoline from Galt really is one of the best on the market.

Why we choose it:   Because it’s really important to get a quality trampoline because of how dangerous they can be and we think that the Galt trampoline is one of the best and safest on the market.

We found that the size and height of this trampoline is perfect for toddlers as well as how fun and colourful it looks.  There are foam covering the main handle bar which again is a great safety feature.

It is easy to put together which should please all parents and also packs down quickly and easily.

I would really recommended this if your looking for a toddlers first trampoline.


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Outside play for toddlers

What are the benefits for toddlers to play outside?

It is so important for your toddler to play outside in the fresh air and get that much needed vitamin D3 hitting their skin (of course sun screen must always be applied espically if playing in the midday sun).

It allows toddlers to really explore the outside world and nature and get some fresh air which is so important.  The more your little ones enjoy playing outside, the more they will find an afinity with it and want to play outside a lot more.

How long should you play outside?

If your toddler is aged between 12 to 36 months (1-3 years) they should get at least around 30 minutes of structured physical activity (adult-led) and at least 60 minutes of unstructured physical activity (free play) every day. And toddlers shouldn’t be inactive for more than 1 hour at a time, except when they’re sleeping.

Why are outdoor toys important for toddlers?

We all know that kids love toys no matter what the age as they are fun, but you should also see toys as tools that will help your child to learn about themselves and the world around them. Play is critical to the healthy growth and development of your child.

Playing with outdoor toys helps to develop the fine and gross motor skills needed and to help with problem solving ability which is why we hope you’ve found our guide to the best outdoor toys for toddlers useful.